The amazing @CreativeLive is recruiting, people! If I hadn't my hands full... #marketing #design #creative
Oh well.... the ugliest couple in the world just got married... < Read with irony.
I knew there was a very strong reason why I love to go barefoot all the time.
RT @inkaLondon: Our thoughts & prayers go out to everyone in #Paris, #Beirut & #Japan ❤️
AWESOME ARTICLE! How Apple is giving design a bad name by Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini via @FastCoDesign
Cultural knowledge: “Hey Mister, Meet Mister: The Problem of Titles in China-Taiwan Meeting”
My future son: A clever teen made a whole PowerPoint to convince his parents to buy 'GTA V'
Missing this mind in our business/creative world - Steve Jobs' reaction to this shows why he was so awesome.